One third of Jesus’s teachings are parables. Parables are metaphorical stories that point beyond themselves. They’re not neat, tidy, simple stories. They provoke, challenge, stir up questions, confuse, and create spiritual vertigo within us. And that’s the point. Parables are intentionally designed to disorient us and throw us off balance in hopes that we stumble into a new way of seeing the world, God, and ourselves. Choose to see these parables in a new light. Dance with them – interpret, challenge, question, poke, probe, and allow them to disrupt your pattern and alter your path.

Parables - pt. 1May 21, 2017

Parables - pt. 2May 28, 2017

Parables - pt. 3June 4, 2017

Parables - pt. 4June 11, 2017

Parables - pt. 5June 25, 2017

Parables - pt. 6July 2, 2017

Parables - pt. 7July 9, 2017

Parables - pt. 8July 16, 2017

Parables - pt. 9July 23, 2017