The book of Jonah isn’t just a cute children’s story about a magic whale. It’s a shocking, disturbing, and unsettling story that disrupts our biases, labels, and categories of “us” vs “them”. It’s about the death of a man’s worldview, a nation’s invitation to healing, and a God’s infinite compassion. This story is about radical forgiveness. It’s about me and you. Do we need to be thrown overboard so we can see the world in a new light? May we come to see through the story of Jonah that God is far more loving, compassionate, and generous than we could ever imagine. And may that compassion flow to us, through us, and from us.

Overboard - pt. 1June 3, 2018

Overboard - pt. 2June 10, 2018

Overboard - pt. 3June 24, 2018

Overboard - pt. 4July 1, 2018

Overboard - pt. 5July 8, 2018

Overboard - pt. 6July 15, 2018