Our world is divided. And that great chasm is widening by the second. Families, churches, communities, and workplaces have been torn apart from cultural wars. Just one minute on social media and you will find a dumpster fire of hatred, frustration, hostile dehumanization, and separation. Socioeconomic divides, ethnic divides, gender divides, theological divides, political divides have made the days of constructive discourse a thing of the past. So how will we move forward? How can we get through to one another? In this series we will introduce new, healthy, whole, healing ways of navigating the great divide.

Polarized - pt. 1November 18, 2018

Polarized - pt. 2November 25, 2018

Polarized - pt. 3December 2, 2018

Polarized - pt. 4December 9, 2018

Polarized - pt. 5December 16, 2018