Vinings Lake is a progressive, fully-inclusive, diverse, and non-denominational spiritual community joining God in the restoration and renewal of all things.


  • At Vinings Lake everyone has a seat at the table. Every person is encouraged and empowered to serve at any capacity in all leadership roles regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, education, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, or marital status.
  • We are not centered around a particular set of beliefs. We seek to grow in our love for God, neighbor, self, earth, and our enemies, and to follow in the way of Jesus and his teachings. His way is that of full inclusion, sacrificial love, non-violent peacemaking, non-anxious presence, non-judgmental disposition, radical generosity, limitless forgiveness, and inexhaustible grace.
  • We view the Bible to be a library of ancient books written by real people living in real places at real times with real agendas. This collection of inspired poems, letters, and stories speaks to their encounters with God, which leads to our own experiences with God. We seek to honor, interpret, explore, question, wrestle, and apply the Bible in fresh, creative, and healing ways.
  • We will join the God of the oppressed by fighting injustice and advocating for the marginalized, outcast, and alone.
  • We will channel our resources (time, energy, money) for the greater good of our community and world.

 * Vinings Lake is unequivocally LGBTQ affirming, committed to the empowerment of women, and welcoming of immigrants and refugees.


Our Sunday service is designed to challenge, equip, and inspire adults to discover the life God has for them. Music, teaching, stories, and communion are provided to help you to connect and leave inspired. SERVICE TIME IS 10:30 AM.


  • VL Kids Jr. [ 6 weeks – PreK ] – An environment where your little ones will feel loved and cared for by our trained volunteers while you participate in the main worship service.
  • VL Kids [ K – 5th Grade ] – Here your child will experience God through creative crafts, exciting activities, and fun worship and teaching that is made relevant to their young lives.
  • VL Students [ 6th – 12th Grade ] – Where students can bring their friends, have a great time, and grow in their relationship with God. [ follow VL Students on Instagram ]